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We cater to a variety of hair types, textures, and hair colors/styles. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively service a varied clientele and bring them results they are pleased with. All while maintaining the integrity and healthiness of the client's hair. beautiful healthy hair is what we do.

Blonding is a process that requires patience and commitment, especially when starting from a deep natural base.

We recommend sessions, the addition of Wellaplex to lightening services, monthly Mini Botox services, and regular trims to keep the hair vibrant, healthy, and resilient during the blonding process.

 Barbering Services now available with Ry The Barber. His services are also not exclusive to our men clientele. He is able to provide a tight fade, sharp points, and other barbering techniques to elevate your pixie cut. 

Makeup Artistry

Artistry by London Smith 


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